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Wellness Coaching

First time consults FREE

30-minute coaching session: $65

60-minute coaching session: $125

Whether you are looking to lose thirty pounds or just eat healthier and have more energy, Rejuv’s intensive private sessions are where to begin. Wellness and Lifestyle coaching is ideal for anyone who has excess weight to lose, or anyone wanting to live healthier through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Charmaine English, Body and Wellness Director

Charmaine English is Rejuv’s Body and Wellness Coordinator; she uses her expert knowledge to complement your cool sculpting treatments to give you all the resources you need to reach your weight loss or body contouring goals. Charmaine is an Amazon bestselling author in weight loss and has helped thousands of patients reach their goals through private, individualized coaching. With an emphasis on habit change and implementing realistic lifestyle factors that actually make a difference; our patients are achieving their weight loss goals in addition to sculpting their stubborn areas.  Charmaine holds a Master of Science in natural health and nutrition is a certified health & fitness specialist with the American College of Sports Medicine and is certified in plant-based nutrition through E-Cornel. She has been doing private coaching and teaching in health and wellness for twenty years.

“When Charmaine and I first met I was actually waiting to go into a different appointment, the next thing I knew I was scheduling an appointment with Charmaine. That turned out to be the best decision of my life. 

Within that meeting I told Charmaine, ‘I don’t know how to cook, I eat out all the time, I love candy and carbs, and I don’t want to make extravagant meals that will take a long time.’ Today I hardly eat out and I cook meals that are quick, easy, and healthy. Charmaine taught me, one small step at a time, how to change my eating habits and create healthy habits to lose the weight and keep the weight off forever. Throughout the process every time Charmaine and I met we changed one small habit that lead to another and another. At no time was I overwhelmed with the changes that I was making, in fact I continually told myself ‘this is totally something I can do and I will do this’. And I did. Like I said earlier, meeting with Charmaine and using her Body and Wellness services was the best decision of my life. 

I’m a new person that is so much happier, and the side effects of my happiness and healthy habits were me losing so much weight (and I didn’t have to spend hours at the gym). I love the way I look and feel and that is all because of what Charmaine has taught me and the lessons I learned throughout the process that will last a lifetime.”

– Brooke, patient since 2017

“When I first met with Charmaine, I was going into my 15th year of battling with my weight.  I wanted to be more than “skinny” I want to be healthy.  The hard work was wading through all of the good recommendations, the bad habits, and the ugly failures to find balance.  Charmaine was amazing in helping me to find little tricks to start me heading in the right direction and realizing that this journey is a permanent mindset if I want to get rid of the yo-yo effect for good.  For the first time I can honestly say that I not only know what to do to reach healthy, but how to do it in a way that I can be successful. 

Thanks for tossing out the BS and getting the ball rolling!”

– Trisha P., patient since 2016

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