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Laser Hair Removal in Fargo, North Dakota

Unwanted hair can be a major annoyance. Laser hair removal makes razor burn and ingrown hair a thing of the past. Permanently remove unwanted hair and free yourself from the constant and endless cycle of shaving, waxing or plucking with our laser hair removal treatments at Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Fargo, North Dakota. 

What is laser hair removal and how does it work?

Laser Hair Removal uses non-invasive light technology to safely eliminate unwanted body hair. Using personalized parameters, such as skin tone, hair color and density, the best laser modality to use will be determined to provide a safe yet effective method of hair removal. The goal of Laser Hair Removal is not to “eradicate every single strand of unwanted hair” but to achieve permanent reduction of the quantity of unwanted hair.

The secret lies in the technology that destroys the targeted hair cells without harming the surrounding skin. The light emitted is absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicles. The laser pulses for a fraction of a second, allowing the hair to absorb the light and heat up. As it heats up, the hair shaft and bulb are damaged, making it so they cannot re-grow. The technology Rejuv uses for laser hair removal allow for treatments of all different areas, skin types, hair color, and skin tones.

Who is a candidate for laser hair removal?

The best candidates for hair removal have dark, coarse hair and fair skin. Darker skin types require different lasers to avoid causing discoloration of the skin. Those with fine hair can be more difficult to treat with lasers, and very light or white hair usually doesn’t respond very well.

Learn more about Laser Hair Removal when you request a consultation at Rejuv, or call/text us at (701) 356-SKIN (7546) to schedule an appointment.

How does it work?

What are the results?

You can expect to see a gradual decrease in hair thickness and the amount of hair in the treatment area. Since laser hair removal only targets hair in the active phase of growth, multiple treatments are often needed for complete hair removal.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

  • Removes unwanted hair
  • Removes unwanted hair
  • No downtime
  • Eliminates Razor Burn/ingrown hairs
  • Safe and effective
  • Quick and painless treatment
  • Vacuum-assisted technology allows for optimal results

What are the treatment areas for laser hair removal?

  • Bikini or Brazilian
  • Legs
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Feet

Pre-Treatment Instructions for Laser Hair Removal:

  1. Avoid the sun 4-6 weeks before and after treatment until your healthcare provider allows it.
  2. We may ask you to stop any topical medications or skin care products 3-5 days prior to treatment. Inform your Rejuv nurse of any medications you are currently taking prior to treatment
  3. You MUST avoid bleaching, plucking or waxing hair for 4-6 weeks prior to treatment. The melanin-containing hair must be present in the follicle as it is the “target” for the laser light.
  4. If you have had a history of peri-oral or genital herpes simplex virus, your provider may recommend a prophylactic antiviral therapy. Follow the directions for your particular antiviral medication.
  5. RECENTLY TANNED SKIN CANNOT BE TREATED! If treated within 2 weeks of active (natural sunlight or tanning booth) tanning, you may develop hypopigmentation (white spots) after treatment and this may not clear for 2-3 months or more.
  6. The use of self- tanning skin products must be discontinued 2 weeks before treatment. Any residual self-tanner should be removed prior to treatment.
  7. Do not use any lotions prior to coming in for treatment on treatment day
  8. SHAVE the area to be treated 24-48 hours prior to the procedure. Use a clean new razor no stubble should be present at the time of treatment.

One of the most popular treatments at Rejuv is laser hair removal. We wanted all of the Fargo-Moorhead to be hair-free, so we decided to create a membership tailored to everyone.

Introducing… Rejuv’s Laser Hair Membership Program!

Pricing: $129/month for women; $179/month for men

How it works:
  • Each patient will receive 3 treatments per month
  • The patient decides on what 3 areas they want to treat that month
  • If not used, they will expire at the end of each month
  • Any additional LHR services purchased will be 20% off

Treatment areas include:

  • Bikini or Brazilian
  • Lower Legs
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Feet
  • Naval
  • Upper Legs/Thighs
The devices we use for laser hair removal can treat ALL skin types, year-round. Patients typically require six treatments to achieve optimal results, as multiple treatments of laser hair removal are required to target follicles at all stages of hair growth to eliminate regrowth permanently. Once the initial series of treatments have been completed, you will see a drastic reduction of hair growth, leading to permanent hair removal.
Learn more about Laser Hair Removal when you request a consultation at Rejuv, or call/text us at (701) 356-SKIN (7546) to schedule an appointment.

What Patients Are Saying

“I started with my underarms and have slowly continued treating almost my whole body! It is addicting because it actually works. Wish this would have been around when I was a teenager.”
– Lauren P.

“I love lake season, but my back hair was so embarrassing, and it always made me way too warm. I noticed it was slowly going away after just one treatment. Now after about 6 treatments, I don’t even have to worry about taking my shirt off and being embarrassed. It has given me back my confidence. I recommend this treatment to my friends and family all the time. So worth it!”
– Jake J.

“I can’t tell you how many times I was asked to go swimming, or go on an improve trip to the lakes and I had to turn them down because I hadn’t shaved my legs yet. If there is one thing I hate, it is shaving. It takes too much time, its messy, and I would rather be spending time doing other things. Laser Hair removal has been my absolutely favorite treatment from Rejuv. It works, its quick, and it is exactly what I need for the type of lifestyle I live. My bikini area is next!”
– S. R.



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