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What did I just put on my face?

“I purchased my favorite skincare product off of Amazon the other night, only to find out that what was in the bottle was not ACTUALLY my favorite product at all and now my face is breaking out” OR “I purchased a Michael Kors purse off of e-bay, only to find out that it was not an authentic Michael kors purse at all”.

Counterfeit products are EVERYWHERE. Not just online, in stores too. This makes it even more important for you to be extra cautious about skincare purchases. After all, no one wants to spend their hard earned money on fake goods.

From skincare products, to botox to other things like Oakley’s or Yetti Cups…if it is a well known brand, you can bet that someone has tried to duplicate it. This is done by making packaging look almost identical; copying logo’s or brand marks, and then re-creating it with lower quality goods to make it seem like the same product.

Consumers are not the only ones subject to fake goods – we’ve all heard the stories about “fake Botox” – Take this story out of California – – A nurse injector learned that what she was injecting into her patients was actually NOT Botox, but an injection made for animals. How could this happen? “Things like this happen everywhere, even here in Fargo” said Melissa Rogne, Rejuv’s Clinic President. “it happens because unfortunately businesses see an opportunity to buy a product at a much lesser price, and offer it cheaper than the competition to gain an edge, and therefore their profit margin is more”.

So in a world of fake goods, how do you spot the real thing? Melissa gave me a list of 4 tips!

  1. If it is too good to be true, it probably is – Most well known brands will not undercut their products to get a sale – or if they do, it is very rare. For example, it’s pretty rare to see a REAL pair of Oakley’s on sale. And if they are on sale, don’t expect a large discount.
  2. Shop from those you trust – Local if you can! The great thing about local stores is that their goal (usually) is to maintain integrity. You are purchasing from your neighbors, so as a business owner and myself personally especially, I would never compromise the safety of my products or services for my patients just to earn a few extra dollars. These people are my friends, and they trust me to do the best for them!
  3. Do your research – don’t be afraid to ask questions like “why is your botox so cheap”? or “were these purchased from the actual vendor?” In my clinic it is important that the products I receive to sell to my patients come directly from the vendor. If there is ever a third party, that is an instant red flag.
  4. When it comes to purchasing online, do so with extreme caution. Try as much as you can to try and purchase directly from the vendors website – this is the best way to guarantee that you are getting an authentic product.


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