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Most Commonly Asked Questions About the Famous “Vampire Facial”

Bria Bork

Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

 What are patients worried about when it comes to the treatment?

The most common concerns I hear from patients is what is the downtime after the treatment like, how are they going to look right afterward and will it hurt. I tell my patients not to plan anything right after the treatment as their skin will be quite pink, like if they had worked out really hard or sat in the sun a little too long, and can only use our soothing hydrating avenue spray the first day. Then they can start wearing mineral makeup the next day. I also prepare them to know it will feel a little uncomfortable during certain parts of the treatment but is definitely tolerable and we do use a medical grade topical numbing cream. The downtime is very minimal, really just the day of the treatment and a little lingering pinkness in the skin for a couple of days with some mild flaking that may occur during the following week.

Who is a good candidate?

Almost everybody is a good candidate for vampire facials and that is one of the many reasons why I love it! Anybody who has concerns with fine lines, pore size, elasticity or crepey skin, or just wants to revitalize an overall glow to dull skin this would be the treatment for them. The only patients I would not recommend it for are those who are on prescription blood thinners or have active acne. Other medical health conditions may be assessed by our health care providers during the consultation.

What is the treatment?

The treatment involves first applying our medical grade topical numbing cream to the face and neck, and then we do a small blood draw and spin it to separate the plasma. That is what we called our “liquid gold”. Our Platelet Rich Plasma PRP is full of proteins and growth factors that help heal our skin and build up our new collagen by 1000%. We then apply the PRP topically and use our microneedling device called the Skinpen to create a controlled wound that tricks the skin into healing itself and creating new healthy tissue. We can also add on plasma injections for particular areas of concern like the eyes or around the mouth.

What are the results of the treatment? 

After about 1-2 weeks, patients can expect to notice smoother skin, smaller pores, and a beautiful overall glow. The collagen remodeling process can take up to 3 months for the full result so they will notice deeper wrinkles and acne scarring improving even more over time.

Why do you enjoy performing this treatment?

I love this treatment because I think you get a lot of bang for your buck. It targets so many concerns and we treat some areas that are normally hard to get to with other treatments like the wrinkles and elasticity around the eyes, the mouth and the neck which are all the areas women are most concerned about! I also love it because it is one where you get some instant gratification yet it just keeps getting better over time.

Do you enjoy receiving it? 

It is my favorite facial treatment to receive for all the reasons I listed above! I was hesitant at first like I hear from many of my patients, but also like my patients, I have become addicted to them and want to do them as often as I can! After I finished my first 3 treatments, 1 a month for 3 months, I now do one every 6 months to maintain my results.

Why is Rejuv the best place to receive this treatment?

Rejuv has the best technology and training. I have seen many microneedling devices over the years but nothing compares to the results of the SkinPen. Our PRP process is very precise to ensure the best outcome. Also, our results speak for themselves as well as the happy testimonials I receive from all our patients!


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