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The Power of Regimens

After 20 years in this industry, two things have become very clear for me. 1. We underestimate the change that medical grade skin care products can make in the skin and 2. The power of these products comes from the combination – the regimen – working synergistically to provide true transformation.

Let’s talk #1 first. Why do I say we underestimate the changes that can be made? Throughout the many years of consulting with those wanting to change their skin, I have learned that the expectation is that change can only be made with treatments. Unfortunately, this is because the majority of the products being sold today outside of the physician dispensed channels have taught us that this is as good as it gets from a topical. It’s time to elevate our expectations of our topical products. If we aren’t seeing measureable changes with digital imaging; your products are failing you. Period. You need to raise your expectations of what product can and should do for you.

On to #2. An army is way more powerful than a single soldier, right? Then why would we expect using one or two products is going to produce the same results as a full regimen? My message to my patients has always been – trust me. It is my job to understand the science and combine these products to give you a wow. I will make sure you have the most powerful combination – peptides, retinols, glycolics, antioxidants – to give you an army of change makers for your skin. Sliding one or two medical grade products into your current regimen will leave you underwhelmed, I promise.

After 18 year in the medical skin care industry, I have witnessed some amazing transformations utilizing topical only. The key? Trust your medical aestheticians and nurses. I know your friend or coworker sells something. I know Ulta is a fun place to shop. You trust us to exfoliate, extract, inject and laser you. Trust that my team knows, without a shadow of a doubt, how to prescribe a regimen that will wow. Because transforming your skin, giving you spectacular results – it is our greatest joy.

If you would like to learn more about the skin care services we offer and recommend, feel free to request a consultation or call (701) 356-SKIN (7546) today.

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