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Pregnancy Skin Care Glow

You are dedicated to your skincare routine, come in for monthly facials and lasers, stay on top of those injectables to stay youthful, boost that energy with shots or IVs, and you just got amazing news. You Are Expecting! What does that mean for your skincare? What can you still do and what is off limits? What challenges are you about to face on this hormonal rollercoaster of pregnancy?

I know it can be scary and if you are like me, you may even wonder if you are going to go backwards in your skincare journey. As soon as you get that positive test, make sure you let your providers know; they are going to be your experts, will need to switch up your routine and products to do what is safest for you and baby. Always consult with your Medical Doctor or Midwife to get their blessings.

While pregnant your body is producing 50% more blood which is why you get that “Pregnancy Glow”. Take advantage of this by coming in for a CO2 lift, Diamond Glow, or a customizable facial. Services your provider will hold off on are SkinPen, chemical peels, lasers, IVs, shots, and injectables. Staying on top of your facials will also help with breakouts since your oil glands are secreting more oil from the hormones.

Half of pregnant women will experience some dark spots or melasma. Since our Skin Tone Enhancement Therapy pads are not approved during pregnancy, Rejuv’s Multi C Brightening Pads or Serum are a great option to keep those dark spots at bay. Pair this with a medical grade SPF for during the day, such as Matte Corrected Tinted Sunscreen, since your pregnant skin will be extra sensitive to the sun and decrease the chance of those dark spots showing up.

Planning a safe morning and night skincare regimen that also includes washing your face with a simple, fragrance free cleanser, the PH balance toner, some Needle Free Serum to keep those fine lines erased, and a light oil-free moisturizer will help brighten that Pregnancy Glow. For now, we will wait on any acne medicated products or retinols and set you up for success to maintain your youthful goals.

Your body is capable of amazing things so embrace it, love your body and skin before, during and after your pregnancy. Lastly, get in for a Thermiva Feminine Rejuvenation consult post baby to help give you that confidence back; you will thank me!

Written by: Savannah Ward, Patient Services Specialist

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