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New Trend Will Help You Feel Your Best All Year Long!

New Trend Will Help You Feel Your Best All Year Long!

Nutrient IV Therapy – Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic – Fargo, ND

Written by Charmaine English, Body & Wellness Director

It’s the Winter of 2018, peak flu season and 49 states have declared an epidemic. Lucky me, I’m about to embark on a 12 hour journey to the one place in the U.S. not overrun with Influenza A.  But I’m scared. I want to enjoy my week long vacation in Hawaii with a glass of Prosecco on the beach each day. I don’t want to be laying in a hotel room with the energy of a snail and a nagging shiver I can’t control cause I’m not sure if I’m too hot or too cold.

My vacation was a success, 100% illness free. I’m happy to report I drank plenty of champagne and went through several bottles of sunscreen.

I did what all frequent flyers do while traveling–I was careful not to touch my face and I washed my hands until my skin was sufficiently dry on both sides. But none of that is full-proof, I have to assume I’ll come into contact at some point with the flu virus. So I take one extra step to make sure I’m ready for a surprise assault. I get a drip, an IV drip. A high dose of Vitamin C and a handful of other antioxidants and immune boosting vitamins directly into my blood.  At 100% absorption, I am ensured that my body is saturated with everything it needs to neutralize a threat to my tropical vacation away from the kids.

My IV therapy was totally painless. I sat in a comfortable chair for 45 minutes and surfed travel sites researching the best hikes through Volcanoes National Park.

IV therapy for me is about anti-aging, preventing illness, feeling my best no matter what time of the year. I do an immune defense drip several times a year strategically when I travel, then any time in between when it seems like everyone around me is getting sick. If it works for me…

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