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A Tropical Vacation For Your Face!?

Results that Glow

Erin Dockter

Clinical Care Coordinator

With spring right around the corner, I think it’s safe to say we’re all done with this crazy weather. Also, a lot of us are eager to get our fresh dewy summer skin back. Well, you’re in luck, Rejuv has a few new treatments to help with that. The first thing I’m going discuss is an exciting one and it literally can be combined with ANY, yes I said ANY, treatment offered in our clinic. If you’re looking to get the best results out of your treatments, promote a faster healing time (up to 50% faster), prevent bruising and anti-age from the inside out, then the LightStim LED treatment is your ticket! What is LightStim you ask, well it’s light…light therapy has been around for many years and continues to be a game changer in the anti-aging and acne world. It stimulates collagen production, kills bacteria, heals, plumps, tightens and tones the skin! Who doesn’t want all of that? This therapy is also great for driving products into our skin making them more effective. It feels amazing too! You literally just lay in one of our heated beds and let the light do the work! You should feel as if you were on a warm tropical vacation, again who doesn’t want that. This treatment could be done every single day. What I recommend is a full series with treatment weekly followed by maintenance treatments anywhere from every 2-4 weeks apart. In between treatments and for upkeep, LightStim sells a take-home device which has the exact same benefits but in the comfort of your home! The red version for home is the anti-ager while the blue is specifically for the acne patient, which will aid in getting rid of bacteria and calming the skin. Again, anyone who is searching for that fountain of youth this treatment and the at home device is a must! Gosh, I could literally brag/promote/educate about this therapy all day because it’s that amazing. You need to try it immediately!

Ok, let’s move on to the next exciting and equally brag-worthy treatment I want to share, Allumera. This treatment combines a chemical peel along with the LightStim LED therapy. This peel is kind of known as the “FINISHER” and why I refer to it like that is because it is great after any of those more corrective treatments. Think after lasers, Microneedling, and injectables, to come in and clean up any superficial pigment, pores and fine lines left behind post-treatment. This last step series is sure to give you that absolute flawless finish we’re all trying to achieve. The uniqueness of this peel is you typically don’t have the “peel” downtime. Most people report mild redness day of treatment with little to NO peeling on the following days. This treatment, like most, is done in a series of 3, 1 month apart. The biggest improvement and most noticed is pore size, up to 44% improvement after the 3 treatments. There isn’t an age group or gender that doesn’t complain of their pores as one of or their main skin concerns. Which makes it ideal for truly anyone. Once the peel has done its job and removed off of the skin during treatment, it’s back to the tropical vacation…time under the LightStim LED that is! Another relaxing, but extremely beneficial treatment to take your skin to the next level. What are you waiting for!?!?

So where do I start you ask? Well, what are YOUR concerns and what TIME frame are you looking at to achieve results. I always recommend having that consultation and really mapping out your specific game plan. Also, follow-ups are key to document your progress and keep you on track with your skin goals. Here is to all the light therapy a girl/guy can handle, remember you can never have too much.

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