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Aging Gracefully Starts From Within

I’ve always said, if we don’t have it, it’s not worth having. That means we only carry the best-of-the-best in products, technology, and service. But we’re good at another thing. Education. Investing in educating yourself is worth it. So if you have trusted us before, trust us now. Let’s talk about sex. Just kidding, that’ll be another time, you can count on it. For now, let’s ease into things, get to know one another. Let’s talk about food.

Here is the truth, what you eat holds the power to help you age beautifully or help kill you. The single most important thing you can do to improve your quality of life, stay a healthy weight and glow from the inside is to LEARN what will help you, and what will harm you. Although there is a sea of misinformation out there and getting bamboozled by diet trends is easy to do.  It’s also easy to stay stubborn. We like what we like, eat what we want and seek out evidence to support our preferences.  We rationalize why bacon, butter, and cream are a good idea, even when there is overwhelming evidence that in fact, those foods are killing us.

What to eat is a big topic and sure to ruffle a few feathers. Volumes have been written; armies have done less and you might not like what I have to say even though it couldn’t be more true or relevant.  Over the next few months, let’s chat food and I’m going to do some cooking for you! I’ll focus on meals that have 5 ingredients and take as little time as possible. I know you’re busy, so am I. I wouldn’t be wasting my time with this if it wasn’t important. I’ve done my homework, spent a lifetime trying to sort out what is the truth and what is a farce, and I’ve worked with hundreds of people helping them to change their diets. I won’t sell you pills, protein powders, bone broths or programs. I’ll dish out the facts a little at a time so it’s palatable. I’m going to take all the guesswork, confusion and misinformation out of what is truly “healthy” to put in your body, and what is not. Questions are welcome.

So for the time we have together, should you choose to stay along on the ride, I’m going to teach you how to cook with plants. All foods fall into one of two kingdoms, plants or animals. One of them will prevent disease and slow down aging. The others will not. Within the cellulose walls of colorful foods hide little molecules that repair all of your cells and without them, cellular damage and death speed up. Besides, it’s easy to eat animals; we all grew up that way. Throwing meat on the grill is lazy; deli slices on bread will do nothing for you. Let me teach you how to cook with plant foods that will keep you healthy. Then, you can decide to wreck em’ with meat all you like.

Here’s your first assignment: take a photo of all your meals and snacks today. Post them below if you dare. Are they colorful? Or does your plate look white and brown?


Charmaine’s Featured Recipe:

Zucchini Pesto Pasta – 15 min total prep/cook time

¼ C Pine Nuts
2-3 Zucchini, in spirals

1C Cherry Tomatoes
1C Match Stick Carrots
2-3 T Pesto – store bought
garnish with Parm cheese and/or basil leaves and or hot sauce

Cut cherry tomatoes in halves, sprialize the zucchini.

Place pine nuts with no additional oil in a large nonstick sauce pan over medium heat. Shake or stir until toasted. Careful not to walk away and let them burn. They will toast quickly once they reach temperature. Once toasted, add pesto and carrots, sauté carrots for 3–5 minutes. Add zucchini spirals and halved cherry tomatoes. Saute over medium heat turning frequently with tongs. Cook about 6 minutes until desired tenderness.


*if you cook the zucchini or tomatoes too long, your dish will be watery. If this happens, put 1 T corn starch in cold water, stir until there are no lumps then pour over your dish while it’s still in the pan. Mix thoroughly, remove from heat and let it thicken. The corn starch will make the dish more “saucy” and stick to the noodles.



Charmaine English

Author of best selling weight loss book, WTF am I supposed to eat?



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