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I was Voluma-ized today!

Today was my first time receiving the new filler Voluma. I have had Juvederm, Restylane…but Voluma is an all new filler designed to really “lift” the face. It is injected into the mid-face region. I notice less fullness in my cheeks compared to photos of me from 10 years ago.

Even though I have been working with all this fun stuff for awhile – I was still a bit nervous. Bekki was awesome – she applied numbing cream and let it work so by the time she started injecting I felt almost nothing. The only sensation was a bit of pressure. She was very gentle and kept checking in to make sure I wasn’t holding my breath!

Twenty minutes later she gave me the mirror and I had cheekbones again! My whole face looked lifted and more youthful! I did get one small bruise on my right side, but nothing a little glominerals couldn’t cover. Bekki told me there is a bit of swelling which I can’t really tell but I will wait a couple days before I post the before and after photos. The best part is this filler has a two year lifespan! My verdict: definitely worth it!!

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