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Pucker Up

Pucker Up – It’s Almost Valentine’s Day!

Kristin Toay, RN

Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

“I have 99 problems but thin lips ain’t one…” Thanks, Rejuv.

Have you ever wished your lips were a little plumper? Have you ever wished your lips appeared a little smoother? Do you wish your lips had a more defined shape? Lip lines got you down?  If the answer to any of those questions is YES then lip filler is (basically) a no brainer.

Lip augmentation is performed using a specially selected hyaluronic acid gel that is injected into the lips by one of our amazing and skilled RN injectors at Rejuv. I personally love performing this service for patients. I would say lip filler is one of my favorite services.  Over time, lips lose volume just like many other areas of the face. Lip filler is a way to restore or add volume to those beauties. Now you can rock out that new lipstick like never before! *Insert kissy face here*

Many patients are worried about discomfort with the procedure. I’m not going to lie, the lips are a very sensitive area on the face. I have to say though, due to the amazing topical numbing cream as well as some lidocaine in the fillers themselves, this procedure is well tolerated and totally worth the outcome! Focus on the results of the treatment while it’s happening and you will be surprised at just how quickly time goes by.

Most patients are candidates for this treatment as long as you are not pregnant or nursing. If you have a history of cold sores we would like to know that prior to treatment. As for the timing of this treatment, we could perform this service anytime that works for you!  Maybe plan this about 2 weeks before a special event just in case you do have a bruise or a little swelling. The most common side effect of filler is bruising and some swelling so just keep that in mind, usually you are able to cover up any bruising with some fancy lipstick and it is not noticeable. As for swelling, ice will be your bestie post-treatment to alleviate swelling.

The lips are a very personal preference for the patient. Most often patients are worried about “looking overdone”. The great thing about filler is that we can be as subtle or large and in charge as you are wanting! Just so you know, we couldn’t go from smallish lips to super big lips with one syringe of filler. Most often the famous Hollywood gals with the super juicy lips in the media have done multiple syringes to get to that end result. We recommend starting with one syringe at a time in the lips and often that is just right for the amount of plump you are looking for. But have no fear, if you were hoping for some juicier lips that is something we can do as well!

Whatever your preference, I enjoy making my patients happy with their results. Lip filler is NOT scary! I promise.

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