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Day cream, night cream, eye cream….ugh!

After working with skin for almost 15 years, I have noticed a common theme. Patients come in and see me with a HUGE bag filled with night cream, day cream, eye cream, eye serum, lip cream…..and so on. Rarely do the patients actually know what the active ingredient is in each of these products. They were sold these products by an unlicensed professional – at the cosmetic counter, drug store or at-home party.

I typically take each product – read the ingredients – and determine what they actually need. Usually they have far more product than what is really necessary and have spent much more money than necessary as well.

To really build a powerful, anti-aging program, I encourage my patients to look for GRASS:

  1. Growth Factors
  2. Retinoid/Retinols
  3. Antioxidants
  4. Specialty Serum (such as a pigment lightener)
  5. Sunscreen

By incorporating multi-function products, we can build this powerful program using only 3-4 products – saving time, money and frustration due to lack of results!

So the next time someone try to “sell” you a skin routine – remember – ask for GRASS and if they aren’t able to speak this language you may be better of seeking the advice of a licensed professional.

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