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Back to School, Back to Clear Skin

Kellie Daley

Clinical Care Manager

ACNE!  It’s the dreaded word no one wants to talk about, let alone admit they have.  As someone who struggled with acne the majority of my adolescent life and into college, I get it.  Back in the day of stridex wipes, sea breaze (that smell still gets me to this day) and going from dermatologist to dermatologist trying to find an answer only to get another pill to take and cream to apply that left me chapped, red and with more breakouts.   So what do you do? That is the question I kept asking myself and one of the primary reasons I ventured into aesthetics.  During my journey I realized that it is not one size fits all, which tends to happen when you get involved with your neighbor that sells x product that will magically erase all your acne away in only 1 WEEK, or the commercials on TV that for only $19.99 you can cure your acne and all your worries in 2 weeks, and I will tell you why.

Acne is a multi-faceted skin condition, that’s right it is a condition, and you have to treat it like that.  We can treat it and keep it at bay but most people with acne have a predisposed reason for having it.  Usually, it goes back to genetics, if your mom, dad, aunt, grandma, grandpa had it there is a good chance you will have it too.  Acne is also caused by bacteria that get trapped in our follicles and the internal hormones we all have, even men.

So you are probably asking that’s all great but how do I get rid of it?  And this is where the customized approach is best, depending on the type of acne you have, we treat it differently.  The best way to describe it is like your muscles, different areas require different workouts, and so how we treat your skin is the same way.  We take a multi-faceted approach to treating, which requires medical grade home care – why not go to Target and pick up their benzyl peroxide wash?  Think potency and purity – medical-grade product is made with the most potent form of the active ingredient as well as the purest.  This is extremely important, and let me tell you WHY no matter what treatments you do if you are not using proper home care consistently it will NOT MATTER!  Think of the dentist, would you just go get your teeth cleaned once every 6 months and not brush every day in between?  I think not, what would happen to your teeth in the meantime, the same thing happens with your skin layers of dead skin cells are building and building which traps that oil and bacteria even more, in turn, more breakouts, you’re welcome for that visual!

Best products: Rejuv RX Acne Wash, Rejuv RX Benzo Wash, Rejuv RX acne pads (salicylic acid and glycolic acid), Retinol Smoothing Serum, Power Cream, Elta MD Clear SPF or Rejuv RX Matte SPF  BONUS: Rejuv RX Clearing gel for those deep stubborn pustules

Next, we look at treatments, this would be your monthly deep cleaning, we are working closer to the dermis where the follicles exist = oil.  If you are just looking to treat common blackheads or active pustules (whiteheads) the best place to start is a good Dermal Infusion, which uses a vacuum suction while simultaneously infusing pore-clearing serum into the skin.  What you will get is smoother texture, clean pores, and reduction in the active breakouts.  The other treatment I love for acne is chemical peels, they not only target the active acne created by access oil, but it also targets reduction in pore size, PIH, and scarring.   Chemical peels are also best for those struggling with the deeper cystic acne that can be caused by hormone imbalance.

Last but certainly not least, once the acne has gotten under control, microneedling is my go-to.  This will correct the textural issues that can occur when you have some of the stubborn acne that likes to hang out for weeks on end.

And if you are complying with everything I just covered I would highly recommend looking at your diet.  MANY causes of acne come from what you are eating every day.  I tell my patients to start with dairy and gluten intake, those are the main triggers of acne.  If you aren’t sure where to start food sensitivity testing is extremely popular and I have seen the results come back and if you are open to changing your eating habits it can result in clear skin.

I will tell you not everyone can do this and the acne is clear, there are some that have to go to an oral antibiotic for a while or last resort Accutane.

Final tip: Makeup, I know you want to cake on the thickest makeup you can find, but let me tell you that is only making it worse, trust me!  I used everything the department store had to offer and all I had leftover were more red spots I had to cover.  So what should you use?  Look for mineral makeup, the difference is mineral make up sits on top of your pores instead of getting into them causing more bacteria to build up.  The other mineral makes up is made up of minerals which is MUCH better for the skin than the preservatives in your over the counter goop.

Recommendations: Glo minerals oil-free camouflage, Glo minerals pressed base (both changed my life and my skin!)

Now to bring it all together, acne is not a one and done approach, and it is not fast results, I am sorry I have to be the bearer of bad news.  You can expect about 20% of your acne cleared in 6 months of time, we do not want to treat it quickly because that would result in it coming back, it needs to be treated at the root of the problem which can take time, so be patient, easier said than done, I know.  If you follow a customized medical grade regimen, treat with medical-grade in-office treatments and look into what your lifestyle habits are, YOU can have clearer skin too.  Thankfully the times have changed and we don’t have to look at acne as something that stops you from going out with friends and hide behind layers of makeup.  Look for a trained expert that can help find a customized solution for you, and the days of dread and acne can disappear!

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